Thoughtful Gifts

Remember the Thoughtful Gifts You Have Received?

Do you remember the times when you get a gift that is special? Something that is not the same-old thing or the standard gift in “this situation”. It is a gift that shows the giver put a bit of thought and effort into selecting the gift for you. And probably not because of the price – a thoughtful gift is not about how much money is spent but on how much thought is expended finding something that will show they care.

The artists at Falling Rivers Gallery put that kind of thought into the items they make. They work to make something that will connect with people – not just a “thing” but a statement. Browse the gallery thinking about the recipient of your thoughtful gift and something may just reveal itself!

Hummingbird Houses by Jerry Measimer – $30

For fans of hummingbirds, we have hand-turned wood hummingbird houses in multiple wood types and with various decorations. Jerry also has wood tops, plates, bracelets and full-size wood hats.

Knitted Scarves by Katie McCree Cox – $20 – $30

There is nothing like a handmade scarves, hats or gloves for a gift with a practical, personal touch. Her work comes in many styles and colors – all great at fighting off the winter cold in style.

Pine Straw Baskets by Shakeeka Watts – $10 – $65

For a unique yet practical gift, try a pine-straw basket. They come in many sizes and shapes, with color woven in slightly or more dramatically. She also has votive holders and Christmas ornaments made from pine straw as well as stunning block prints.

Carved and Turned Wood by multiple artists – From $15

We have multiple artists who have carved and turned wood pieces for decoration or for practical use. They have created the traditional bowls, plaques and candle holders as well as less-traditional spatulas, salt holders, phone stands and baby rattles. A few pieces are etched using electrical current producing a lightening bolt effect.

North Carolina Pottery by multiple artists – from $10

Wheel-thrown or hand-built pottery has been a favorite NC gift since the moonshine days. Our potters have a broad selection of decorative and functional pottery created in multiple styles and colors. Choose from ceramic coffee mugs, horsehair vases, crystalline bowls, colorful serving pieces or shiny teapots.

Artistic Jewelry by multiple artists – $8 – $36

Our jewelry artists work with many different materials to bring you a broad selection of beautiful and inexpensive jewelry that makes a personal statement. Pieces include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cuff links and bolo ties made from fused glass, stained glass, polymer clay, enameled metal and beads.

And there are many more fun, unique and personal gifts you will find to choose from – all of which will show that you put a bit of extra thought into your gift-giving this year.

Wood and Glass Music Boxes $10

Woven Purses $5-$50

Kaleidoscopes $36-$65

Recycled Scarves $13

And if you kind of know what you want but can’t find it, our artists may be able to create something just for you.

Remember that many of our items are one-of-a kind and the favorites will get picked up early. So come out at your next opportunity and see what we have for you.