Gift Their Passion

Pick Gift That Speaks to Their Passion

Everyone is passionate about something, so what better way to show you care than to find a gift that speaks to their passion. For some it is their home. For others it is their yard. Chefs are passionate about their craft and men are passionate about their man-cave (when they are lucky enough to have one!) And most of us love to have pretty things around to make us feel a bit special.

Gifts For Their Back Yard

For those who love their back yard, we have some unique gift ideas that they will love. Whether attracting birds or fairies, or just adding color in the winter, these gifts will bring a smile.

Leaf – $15; Mushroom – $15; Bird Feeder – $15; Hummingbird House – $30; Butterfly – $18. (Prices as shown; other sizes available.)

Help Him Decorate the Man-Cave

We have some great additions for the Man-Cave, including ash trays, coasters, pictures, and other items that will really class up the place.

Garage photo – $200; Ash Tray- $38; Stained Glass Golfer – $50; Travertine Coasters – $9; Kaleidoscope – $24.

For Their Lake/Beach/Mountain Getaway

For those who love the lake (or the beach or the mountains) we have art and decorative items that they can use to keep their get-away close at hand.

Ocean Watercolor Print Р$25; Bridge Print- $50; Candle Holders Р$20; Stained Glass Fish  Р$39; Pine Straw Basket Р$10. (Many more items to choose from.)

Keep the Chef Happy

It’s always a great idea to feed the chef’s passion, since they may feed you in return. They can turn special gifts into special meals.

Ceramic Serving Tray – $18; Local Comb Honey – $22; Wood Salt Keeper – $30; Salt and Pepper Shakers – $26; Wood Pie Server – $20. (Many other items available.)

A Passion for Pretty Things

For those with a passion for beauty, you can do your part to surround them with pretty things. The smallest gift can bring a smile to their face every time they see it.

Copper Fleur de lis – $55; Acrylic Abstract – $72; Stained Glass Tissue Holder – $40; Wine Glass Set – $30; Crystalline Vase – $52. (Many other items available.)

For the Woman You Are Passionate About

We have special gifts for that special woman in your life. Treat her to something unexpected – or something expected but well-deserved.

Goat’s Milk Soap Gift Basket – $27; Hammered Metal Bracelet – $40; Fused Glass Bracelet – $36; Earrings – $8;¬† (Prices as shown; other items and sizes available.)

There are many more items in the gallery to choose from to feed anyone’s passion. Drop by and browse through our artists’ displays and our Holiday Craft Show.

Holiday Decor

Knitted Scarves

Carved Wood


Just remember that many of our items are one-of-a kind and the favorites will get picked up early. So come out at your next opportunity and see what you can find to feed someone’s passion.

(We strive for accuracy in our published prices, but they are intended as guidelines. Actual prices are as marked in the gallery.)