Hannah Cooper


Hannah Cooper is an emerging artist. Her passion is photography. At age thirteen her father insisted she have a hobby so he went out and bought her a camera. It was then that Hannah realized she wanted to be a great photographer. In the following years Hannah’s love for photography grew. Up until about 2012 all Hannah had was a point and shoot camera. At that time her Mother-in-law bought a new Canon DSLR that Hannah was able to use to increase her photography skills. The DSLR camera is the camera Hannah still uses at this present time. Many people suggested to Hannah that she should print and sale her photographs. In May of this year Hannah decided to give what people had suggested a try so she joined Falling Rivers Gallery. Since joining the Gallery, Hannah has learned that there is more to photography than just taking pictures. She has learned to mat and frame so that her photographs become a work of art. Long term goals for Hannah is selling enough of her photography to make a career for herself. From the day Hannah first picked up the camera her father bought for her, she has dreamed of one day selling her photographs. Now that Hannah has sold a few photographs she hopes to one day sale to Our State magazine, Birds and Bloom magazine, and maybe even National Geographic.

Auto Kitty

Deep Purple

Macro Kiwi