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Photography is my artistic medium of choice because I am lazy. If I were painting, I would have to think about colors, brushes, textures, and myriad of details that would completely distract me from the image I was trying to capture. If I were sculpting, the choice of subjects, tools, media, etc. would be a roadblock to even starting.

But with photography, I can start with an image in mind and then try and find it in nature or create it in a studio. Sometimes the image is vague (a waterfall) and sometimes specific (High Rock Dam in the fall at sunrise) but once it is formed, then it is a matter of pulling the right conditions together to create it.

If you look at my body of work, you can see the progression from fairly simple familiar images to more complex ones. The latest images reflect scenes that don’t actually exist in nature, but are familiar to us anyway. Each product started with an idea of an image followed by, “How would I create that?” Then the adventure of discovery begins. More ideas come, original ideas are abandoned, and eventually – if I am lucky – something artistic results.

Some of my favorite images are posted below. You can click on them to see a larger version.

Smooth Operator

Ansel Adams’ Tire Swing

Bass Fishing

Chasing Tail

Filling the Cellar

Power Lines

Opera House Balcony

Main Street