Gallery Members

This is a partial list of gallery members and their art forms. Click on the image to learn more about them. As soon as we re-open for business we will be adding several different types of art and high end crafters.  Check back often for more info.

Earl Almond

Local blackberry jelly, barbecue sauce and honey.

Anita Ammerman

Watercolor, acrylics and copper repousse

David Arey

Woodworking – including turning and carving.

Hannah Cooper

Nature Photography

For more info, check out Hanna’s Gallery Web Page

Sue Davis

Kaleidoscopes; fused glass trays

Margaret Deadnom

Simple stylish acrylic images.

Dwight Dennis

Photography – Specializing in photos of Morrow Mountain and Lake Tillery.

See more of his work at Dwight’s website

Stephanie Donovan

Unique thrown and hand-built pottery

Vicki Galloway

One-Stroke painting on furniture, glassware and other household items; jewelry.

Check out the Vicki Galloway Painting Events FB page for more info.

Jeremy Hardy

Graphic design

See more of his work on Jeremy’s website

Lorrie Hatley

Steampunk sculpture and jewelry; acrylic abstracts; collages

Peter Henkenjohann

Local honey and related products

Check out the Kleine Beine Apiary FB page for more info

Elvira Hildreth

Handmade soaps, lotions, lip balm, shaving soap and related products.

Wendy Hillhouse

Metal and enamel jewelry; abstract acrylics.

Bridget Huckabee


Ed Lipe

Photography – focusing on unique photos of everyday things.

See more at

White Horsehair

Nancy Lipe

Stoneware, Raku and Crystalline pottery; fused glass jewelry and trays

Andell McCoy

Bold and exciting abstract acrylics

Robert Miles

Abstract Acrylics

Rodney Rock


See more on Rodney’s Gallery Web Page

Jane Rogers

Stained Glass, jewelry and hand-painted scarves.

Stephen Russell

Turned and carved wood – goblets, lidded bowls and wood plaques

Angela Starnes

Watercolors of nature and beach scenes

Matt Steed

Native American flutes, clubs and walking sticks; dream-catchers; jewelry

See Matt Steed’s website for more info.

Shakeeka Watts

Pine Straw Baskets

Lisa Whitley

Artisan concrete – Leaves, mushrooms, and more

Stony Run Pottery – Judith Willliams

Stoneware and raku pottery