Announcing the “Old Carolina” Photography Show

We are excited to announce a new show this year – the “Old Carolina” Photography Show – starting February 1st. All types of photography are acceptable as long at the photo portrays the theme of Old Carolina.

This show has come about through a true grassroots effort. It is the brain-child of Gallery Photographer Rodney Rock, who has worked to promote the show within the Stanly Arts Guild and the surrounding community.

But unlike most of our shows that have one or two big sponsors, this show is sponsored by a large number of people and business (over 20 at last count) – each donating a portion of the funds needed to host a show.

Of course the challenge for new shows is getting people to enter. Rodney’s vision of the show is to attract participants with generous prize money. The first, second and third place winners will take home $500, $300 and $200 respectively. There is also a Member’s Choice Award ($100) and four Honorable Mentions ($25).

So grab your camera and start hunting the winning shot that says “Old Carolina” to you. The show starts in February.

You can download a prospectus for the show that explains the all the rules for entry by visiting our show webpage here.