Artists’ Sidewalk Sale

We are having an Artists’ Sidewalk Sale at Falling Rivers Gallery going on now through June. Our artists have brought in extra art supplies, discontinued items, books on art, and more – all at discounted prices. This is one of the few times we have a sale at the gallery and our artists hope to clear out some of the things they no longer need to make room for something new.

Bird Feeders

Check out our unique bird feeders made from repurposed materials. A bag of seed is included with each feeder. Only $15. (We also have bird baths!)

Teapot Art

These cute teapots with streams of beads or lights will add a bit of whimsy to your yard or garden. $20 to $30

T-Shirt Dresses

We have just a few T-Shirt dresses – only $10. We also have regular t-shirts, aprons, and cloth purses.


Our artists have brought in a great collection of ribbon, as well as stamps, books, tools, and other items needed for arts and crafts.

Discontinued Pottery

Check out our selection of discontinued items and artists’ seconds from our pottery artists. These are completely functional pieces, but are outdated based on the artists’ current product lines. Choose from mugs, pitchers, bowls, vases and more – most under $20.

Lightly Used Paint and Supplies

Pick up a bag of acrylic or oil paint or related supplies for just a few bucks.

Picture Frames

We have two boxes of picture frames in various sizes – some with and without mats – most priced at $5 or under.


Check out our selection of yarn ($4 or less per bag) and cloth for your next fabric project.

And Much Much More

There are also kaleidoscopes, fused glass trays and bowls, framed photo prints and more. And more merchandise will be added as  the sale goes on. Check back here – or come to the gallery in person – to see the latest.

Of course all items are one-of-a-kind, so come early for the best selection!

Nature at its Best – 2018

Our 10th annual Nature at its Best show opened this week with a striking collection of nature scenes and nature-themed pieces in various media. The show is held in memory of Ellen Cook Gaskin and sponsored by her sons in memory of her love of nature and of art. It is a very popular show and draws some of the top artists from the area.


The show was judged by  Regina Calton Burchett, who teaches drawing and
pastel classes and painting workshops in her studio. Prizes were awarded to first, second, and third place as well as four honorable mentions. Judging was performed across all media.

First Place – “Chasing Tail” by Ed Lipe

The first place ribbon went to this unique composite photograph of two catfish swimming in a circle.

Second Place – “One Fish, Two Fish” by Dianne Roberts

This colorful mixed media piece touches on the fanciful world of imagination, with colorful blue, green and purple fish swimming in a sea of colors and notes.

Third Place – “Ruby” by Cindi Poole

Third place went to a hard-to capture photo of a hummingbird frozen in flight while working on a flower. Excellent focus and detail capture “Ruby” in a glimpse we rarely see.

Honorable Mention – “Path in the Woods” by Anita Ammerman

This acrylic painting captures the beauty and serenity of those special paths we find as we wander the woods looking for the beauty of nature.

Honorable Mention – “The Morning after the Storm” by Derrick Smith

This photograph beautifully captures the morning after the big snow – with the sun blazing through the trees lighting up the winter wonderland that appeared overnight.

Honorable Mention – “Tranquility” by Breanne Storms

This photo captures the play of light on water and moss-covered rock as a waterfall tumbles through a forest creating a peaceful scene despite the churning water.

Honorable Mention – “Sprigged Bird – Salt Fired” by Judith Williams

This piece captures a delicate branch and a bird on a salt-fired vase – the sprig and bird almost lost in the texture of the glaze.

Which one is your favorite?

Congratulations to the winners! While these pieces caught the judge’s eye, you may find a different piece that speaks to you. There are many more entries and all deserve a good look.

The show is open until April 21st, when we will have an artists’ reception and presentation of the prizes from 6 to 8 PM. Everyone is invited, so please stop by and see nature at its best!